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At YoorGroup, we understand how draining it can be to develop, run, and manage a company without proper support. Truly, your dream business can turn into a nightmare if you are overwhelmed by tedious day-to-day activities. We are here to help. Our approach to Administrative Support is based solely upon your preferences and the way you choose to do business. As a team of experienced business professionals, we know how imperative it is to have a team you can count on to assist you in creating a fully functional and superior Administrative Support system.

There is much more involved with managing a business then making sales calls. Customer service, research, organizing schedules and planning sales meetings are all important yet under glorified aspects of running a company. From social media management to filing monthly income reports, modern businesses need more than just a secretary to keep things running smoothly. They need a team of professionals who know how to stay on top of things.  That’s where YoorGroup can help.

Our Administrative Support entails everything that you need to keep your business organized. Our team of professionals will assist you with the following Administrative work:

  • Customer Service (answering phones, replying to emails, and taking messages)
  • Filing important documents.
  • Preparing spreadsheets and organizing scheduling.
  • Assistance with strategic planning.
  • Communicating with lower-level employees and distributing the workload.
  • Accurate bookkeeping.

In addition to the tasks you see listed here, our Administrative Support team can assist you and your company in many other clerical and correspondence departments.

Set your business up for success, and hire us to handle your Administrative Support needs. We have the tools, team and time to transform your business into a well-oiled functioning machine.  At YoorGroup, we are focused on enhancing your business from top to bottom. Contact us to learn more about how our Administrative Support can help your business.

d1Telephone Answering

Even with online support and customer service, nothing beats the human touch. Your business needs an efficient telephone support team that will handle all your calls 24/7. Our telephone answering services will handle all types of incoming calls from your customers and partners. Whether it is taking customer orders, appointment setting support or customer service, we can help provide professional and experienced phone support for all types of business.



schedule-appointmentAppointment Scheduling

We can help you with appointment setting and ensure that your customers receive the best experience. Our team will become your front men and provide quality appointment setting services through the use of scheduling software and other appointment setting tools. Rest assured that appointments, installations or deliveries are done on time with our help.

Our team can help you with all the aspects of administrative management. As your personal or virtual assistant, we can help you with all the administrative, technical, social and creative services. We use the most updated technologies to secure critical business and customer information and tools that can make administrative work easier. With an efficient remote assistant to help you out, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.


researchData Research

Gathering data for product development, customer service improvement and administrative development could be tough, critical and demanding, we can help you with data research for all kinds of projects that will greatly improve your business. Our team of researchers and data experts will assist you and provide the necessary output accordingly.

crmCRM Support

Successful companies have strong CRM support. Customer relationship management is an approach that organizes and synchronizes all the interactions between the company and the customer as well as future customers. It includes the use of technology such as updated CRM software and programs which will automate all the aspects of business from sales to technical support and customer management. Our team will turn your business around with experienced CRM support services.




Track all financial affairs of your business with our help. Every outstanding business needs efficient bookkeeping services that will keep all records updated and ready for important events such as tax filing and other assessments. With the help of our top bookkeeping and accounting programs, your business will be more organized and more structured and these ensure success in the long run.

mem_iconEmail Handling

Let us help you with your email management tasks. We can assist you with creating an automated email responder which will make email marketing easier and more successful. We use the most updated email programs that will automate every aspect of your email handling.




We also offer paralegal services. If you need legal advice for business laws and legal procedures, our team can provide you with expert and professional assistance. Whether you need help for court settlements, court filings, legal research and other legal tasks, we have the expertise, skills and knowledge to carry on any kind of project for you. Contact us today.

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