Yoor Group Financial Consulting Services

Yoor Only Online Resource for financial consulting for small to medium-sized businesses Whether it’s for a startup or for an established business, Yoor Group will be able to help small to medium-sized business owners in all areas of finance. Financial consulting is a part of smart business planning. It encompasses all the aspects of a business from finding the best and the most experienced professionals to keeping the books balanced and prepared. Financial consulting is therefore constant and detailed and with any kind of project in mind, financial consulting is also essential to ensure that the project is efficiently funded and completed at the best time possible.

Yoor streamlines your business’ daily financial operations to guarantee maximum growth and success in all your endeavors. Its core focus is the following aspects of business planning


We want you to be prepared for anything that may happen in your business and this is why we start financial consulting for any small to medium-scale business with financial modeling. Our experts will create an abstract representation of your business and subject this model to real world financial situations to determine the feasibility of your financial plans. This is also applicable for any kind of project.




We will never cease working with business owners to help them with budgeting. Drafting a budget calls for serious planning, sound knowledge of the industry and tools that can help you with your tasks. Our expert team will show you and train you to use smart budgeting strategies and tips to manage your finances head on.

 smetric-icon-16-600x600Cash Flow

Monitoring cash flow is essential in budgeting, computing for profit and loss and in keeping the books balanced. Cash flow is the total amount of money that is transferred in and out of a business. We can help you monitor cash flow using seamless and easy to use tools and programs. We will teach you how to create an accounting statement like a pro and integrate this into other areas of your business.



 icon175x175Profit & Loss

Any business owner should know how to create and interpret a balance and loss statement. This is a summary of your financial performance over time. It could be a monthly, quarterly or an annual profit and loss statement. This provides an idea of how your company has performed in the past and will aid you in financial planning for the future (or at least the coming months or year ahead). Whether you are a sole trader or a small proprietary company, you need to master this statement like the back of your hand. We will help you with sound advice and training and of course with the aid of the most efficient and highly recommended accounting software.

spread_sheet_iconBalance Sheet

A balance sheet is like your report card. It is a statement of your assets, liabilities and the capital of your business at a specific point in time. This is a major financial statement used and created by accountants and business owners. The balance sheet also represents a company’s financial position and usually creditors and financial companies use this to find out how financially stable or not a company is. Therefore you need an expert to guide you in creating and managing an efficient balance sheet



services_iconFeasibility Study

How good is your business plan? A feasibility study will be able to find out if your business plan is capable of being carried out or not. Let our expertise and experience help you with a sound feasibility study of your business or any project. Our team will subject your existing venture to the most common threats in your industry and therefore, efficiently determines its practicality in all aspects.

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