Here’s how we can make your business run smoother:

1. Assessment. We will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that will help us assess the work you need, the time for completion, and the professionals who will do the job.

2. Consultation. The project manager of Yoor Group will determine the scope of your project, conferring with you as necessary, and will then provide you with a quote. We will also have touchpoints from time to time to make sure the project is going the way you envision it and to make adjustments to it as needed.

3. Staffing. We will supply a dedicated person or persons from amongst our partners. This is a fast process. Our network of service providers are already in place and waiting to serve.

4. Software. This is where it gets good: The last thing you’ll have to worry about is when tasks will be completed. Our cloud‐based software sends update alerts and also has a status bar that indicates the progress on established milestones. Drafts of projects and finished products will all be stored in one convenient location of your profile dashboard.

5. New Jobs. You can make additional requests at any time. Whatever you need, whether it be business cards, brochures, consulting or website updates, just send a request to one of our customer service representatives and we will open a new project for you and set a completion date.