Yoor Group HR Support Services

               Yoor Only Online Resource offers experienced HR support services for small to medium-scale businesses.

Human resource is a vital part of any company. HR is a team of individuals that make up the workforce of a company or an organization. Usually, this team is in charge of looking, screening, recruiting and training new recruits that will be employed in different departments of a company. The HR also takes care of employee –benefit programs and ensuring that employees participate in programs that improve their skills and enhance their talents for the benefit of the company.

Yoor Group ensures that you will hire only the most suitable people for the job. From employment screening to payroll and performance management to time and attendance, we only want a seamless human resource system that will meet your company goals.


Payroll is the financial record of all the salaries of employees. It also includes records of wages, bonuses as well as deductions incurred by an employee. A company needs to have an efficient payroll system to ensure seamless compensation of employees. Our experts will provide you with excellent strategies and automated systems designed for efficient payroll management and employee compensation and benefits.



icon-screeningEmployment Screening

Your company should have strategic employment screening to ensure that you hire only the best of the best. We can help you create this system for you by first analyzing your company’s needs and developing strategies to find the best talents through smart employment screening processes.

Recruiting_Icon_V1Recruiting Service

We understand the demands of every business especially if you are managing a startup. Our team will be able to help you with your recruitment so you can hire people that will suit your needs and company goals. Looking for the best talents is a time-consuming task but nonetheless vital in any company. We adapt your company goals and use this to create an efficient recruitment process that will yield the best results.




blog_post_test_write_documentTime & Attendance

Time and attendance tracking is vital in any business. It is important in managing payroll, manpower, compensation and benefits and staffing. Without an effective time and attendance tracking system in place, every aspect of your business will be affected. After a complete assessment of your company’s needs, we will be able to recommend the ideal time and attendance software for your business and guarantee a seamless automation of this vital part of your company.

ipage-admin-iconPerformance Management

Performance management is a process wherein employee performance is monitored, measured and reviewed. This process is dependent on your company’s needs and goals. Only through a thorough assessment of your needs as well as evaluation various business metrics will you be able to develop the ideal performance management strategy. We can help you create the most efficient performance management system to ensure that all your goals are met in every employee. With a working system in place, employee performance could be easily assessed and deserving people may be commended for a job well done.


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