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You know what your customers need in a website. They want a site that contains updated information, well-rounded topics and interesting media all packaged in an easy to access and use business website.

With all these huge demands on your site you should only rely on the best people that can create suitable and rewarding multimedia content that will convince your customers that you mean business.

Yoor Group offers the most updated and meaningful multimedia services for any kind of business in any kind of industry. Our team has extensive experience in creating media content that will sweep customers off their feet. We specialize in the following content:


Videoconference-512Business videos

One of the most efficient ways to market your company is through the use of business videos. We can help you create compelling videos that will capture the attention of your market. Our team prides in creating videos that are not just informative and entertaining but videos that will surely make the most out of social media sites such as YouTube. Getting your videos where it should be will make it easier for your customers to check out your business and consider your products and services.



3ds-icon3D Modeling and CAD

3D modelling and CAD is a creative and rather engaging way to attract customers to your business. These programs create an image of an object or product and present this to the customer just like how it looks like in real life. The customer will use this representation to come up with a smart buying choice. Our expert team of designers and visual artists will create a visual model for you through the use of 3D programs and CAD tools. We will help you come up with a suitable model to help you get your business on the right track.

Social-Media-Cheat-Sheet-blue-marker-on-whiteboard-with-social-networks-iconsWhiteboard videos

One of the most entertaining and truly talented ways to present your ideas, products, services and business is through whiteboard animation. Whoever thought of this clever idea should be given an award! Not only is this video very entertaining but it keeps you on your toes with neat doodles and drawings. Would you wish that you could also use this type of media for your own business? We would be glad to create a whiteboard video for your business and captivate your audience all the more.


Business Videos (You Tube) etc

Whiteboard Videos

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